Trinity Western University v. The law societies – an update as to where things stand

TWU law

For those of you who follow this issue, the current score is 2 to 1 for Trinity Western University as against the Law Societies. TWU has won two of the three trial court decisions – namely, those in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. It lost its inaugural round in Ontario. All three decisions are being appealed. As we all know, this one is going all the way to the Big House.

Where do things stand right now in the three provinces?

Nova Scotia

The factums are filed and the appeal hearing date is scheduled for April 6, 7 and 8, 2016. If you want to review the factums or the orders of the Court, see:


The factums have been filed by TWU and the Law Society of Upper Canada. The parties are waiting for the factums to be filed by the various intervenors. No appeal hearing date has yet been set.  For the most recent announcement by the Law Society of Upper Canada, go to Treasurer’s statement on Court’s dismissal of TWU’s application for judicial review.

To see the factum of the LSUC, please see: Factum of the Respondent LSUC. I asked for a copy of TWU’s factum but at the time of this post, it had not yet been provided.

British Columbia

Given that the Law Society of British Columbia only recently decided to appeal the decision of Chief Justice Hinkson from December 2015, no appeal hearing date has been set and the factums have not been filed. But in the interim, the Law Society maintains a page on its website where all the important information and documents is posted: see: Trinity Western University – Proposed Law School.

Stay tuned. I will try to provide updates as matters progress.

I remain,

Constitutionally yours


Arthur Grant





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